A requirement of our program is to get your Class A CDL Learner’s Permit. We
take time to study for this in class, provide study materials, and pay for one sitting
of the test. When it comes to the full CDL, it is not a requirement of our program.
Because of this, it is not included in tuition and time is not set aside to focus on
this. This does not mean that you cannot get your CDL though. We have given
our current and former students the opportunity to use our resources to take the
test. We have a truck to practice and test in, and an instructor that we can connect
you with. Students pay this instructor out of pocket and schedule their own
training with him. They also schedule and pay for their test on their own. While
this is an out of pocket expense, we have found that this is much more cost
effective for the students. If you don’t get your full CDL by graduation, you are
still welcome to use our resources!

We are a very new school, and because of this we are not in a position to accept financial aid. Hopefully in the future we will qualify for some great opportunities, but at the moment we can only accept private funding.

Reach out! We don’t put the application on the website because we want to make sure all of our applicants are sure that this is something they want to do. We like to talk to applicants before we actually send them the form. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will get that application your way.

The full price of combined tuition and fees is $12,500. This includes all tools and gear, certifications, shirts, and miscellaneous expenses of the program.

Yes, limited housing. We have a 5 bedroom house that will keep up to 10 students. The house is located within 5 minutes of the school. Rental fees will be discussed if interested.

The program is 432 contact hours, and takes place over 11 weeks. You will be in class from 7am-5pm Mon-Fri for the first 4 weeks, and the remaining 7 weeks on Mon-Thurs.

No! We are a pre-apprenticeship lineman training school. When you come here, we give you the training needed to get your foot in the door, and climb the ranks quicker than you would if you were to get hired off the street. It has become increasingly harder to get hired without any sort of training like this, so we want to put you in a good position to get hired. Students get hired into a variety of positions that can range from groundmen to apprentice. For context, you can expect to be an apprentice for anywhere from 3-6 years before actually becoming a Lineman. Just think of us as the first step in a long process to working in an amazing field!