You can. You do not need a CDL to graduate, but you must have your Commercial Learner’s Permit by week 5 in order to graduate. We do however give you the training necessary to earn your Class A CDL. You will learn the inspection as well as the driving of the truck. You will be scheduled for your test, and we will give you the resources needed to help you pass your test.

Yes we do. Our financial aid options are limited. We currently don’t take loans from places like Sallie Mae, as well as any government loans. We will however accept loans from credit unions and banks. One we highly recommend is the Utility Employment Credit Union. Someone who is EXTREMELY helpful there is Paula Simmons. Her number is 484-388-0615, and her email is psimmons@uecu.org. If you’d like to know if UECU could help you, Paula is a GREAT person to talk to.

There are also scholarship opportunities with the International Lineman’s rodeo, as well as the Mike Rowe W.O.R.K.S. Foundation. We have links on our scholarship page under the “More” tab.

Reach out! We don’t put the application on the website because we want to make sure all of our applicants are sure that this is something they want to do. We like to talk to applicants before we actually send them the form. Just ask for it when we call, give us a call on your own and ask, or send us an email requesting it and we will get that application your way.

The full price of combined tuition and fees in 2023 is $15,000. In 2024 the price is $17,500. This includes all tools and gear, certifications, shirts, and miscellaneous expenses of the program.

Yes. Through a company called DGW, our students are able to stay in 1 of 2 houses, which are both within 5-15 minutes from the school. Up to 16 students can stay in the housing. Rental fees will be discussed if interested.

The program is 432 contact hours, and takes place over 11 weeks. You will be in class from 7am-5pm Mon-Fri for the first 4 weeks, and the remaining 7 weeks on Mon-Thurs. Schedule is subject to change due to holidays and weather.

No! We are a pre-apprenticeship lineman training school. When you come here, we give you the training needed to get your foot in the door, and climb the ranks quicker than you would if you were to get hired off the street. It has become increasingly harder to get hired without any sort of training like this, so we want to put you in a good position to get hired. Students get hired into a variety of positions that can range from groundmen to apprentice. For context, you can expect to be an apprentice for anywhere from 3-6 years before actually becoming a Lineman. Just think of us as the first step in a long process to working in an amazing field!