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An ELITE lineman school

The ELITE Lineman Training Institute is an 11 week pre-apprenticeship lineman school in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. We help students start their careers in the utility industry, and grow as people in their character in the process.


      Eleven week program


      Four classes a year


      Small class sizes

      Located in Tunnel Hill, GA

      Character development


      Job offers available

      Hire rate of our graduates

      Why become a lineman?

      • Excellent pay and benefits.
      • Constant flow of work in every state.
      • To invest in yourself and be a part of an industry that impacts people.

          What's so unique about ELITE?

          • Small class sizes. You will not get lost in the crowd, and because of this you’ll get more time with instructors.
          • Character development. Who you are as a person matters far more than line work.
          • Financial coaching. You’ll be making good money in this industry, it’s important to be responsible.
          • Panel mock interviews with representatives from power companies. 
          • All line instructors have at least 15 years on crew experience.
          • 100% job offer rate.

              What's the process?

              1. Click the “Learn More” button and fill out the form (you can skip to step 3 by clicking apply now at the top).
              2. Have a phone conversation with us.
              3. Complete an application.
              4. Get all money and paperwork in by deadline.
              5. Begin eleven week program.
              6. Acquire skills, knowledge, and certifications needed for a long lasting career in the utility industry.
              7. Prepare to enter industry through resume building, mock interviews, and applying for jobs.
              8. Graduate and enter industry.

                  2024 classes

                  January 2024

                  • Registration Closed
                  • Tuition Due November 27
                  • 37/37 Spots Filled
                  • Class Starts January 8
                  • Graduation March 22

                  April 2024

                  • Registration Closed
                  • Tuition Due February 19
                  • 37/37 Spots Filled
                  • Class Starts April 1
                  • Graduation June 14

                  June 2024

                  • Registration Open
                  • Tuition Due May 13
                  • 37/37 Spots Filled
                  • Class Starts June 24
                  • Graduation September 6

                  September 2024

                  • Registration Open
                  • Tuition Due August 5
                  • 10/37 Spots Filled
                  • Class Starts September 16
                  • Graduation December 6

                  100% JOB OFFERS

                  What our graduates say about ELITE

                  SAFETY IS EVERYTHING

                  Line work is a profession that demands safe work practices. That’s why safety is of the utmost importance to us. We demand a high standard of safety from our students, so they’ll demand that same high standard from themselves when they’re in the field.

                  • Highest standard of safety for students and staff.
                  • Instructors have a combined 104 years of safe work experience in the utility industry.
                  • Must complete OSHA certifications to graduate.

                  Want to become an ELITE lineman?

                  Linemen need to be able to climb poles, operate equipment, construct and maintain distribution circuits, install poles and transformers, as well as string wire. We will teach you to do that and more, but we’ll also do something else that will truly help you to be ELITE, and that’s to invest in YOU as a person. We will not only help you get into this great industry, but we will help you grow as a person in your character. You can know that if you choose ELITE as your school, you will be attending a place that will care for you like no other, SO THAT you can become a lineman and person like no other!