Elite Lineman - Our Story

Our Story

From the beginning to today, the Elite Lineman Training Institute has been about two things, helping people start great careers in the utility industry AND helping them grow in their character. The reason we are this way, starts with a call of God.

Waylon Hasty, the owner and founder of ELITE, left a 15-year career in the utility industry to start this school. The way Waylon tells the story is that because he wanted to make an impact on people and all he knew was line work, God called him to start a lineman school. He told God he’d pursue it until the door slammed in his face, and it never did.

In May of 2019 the first class arrived, and since then the school has been growing steadily. Despite the growth we are striving to be a better school every day. We’ll continue to do what we set out to by┬ácontinuously caring for, challenging, and giving hope to our students.