Character Development

The Elite Lineman Training Institute is not only interested in getting students into the utility industry, but also in helping them become better people while they’re here.

The way we do that is through clear expectations we set for them, and through character coaching they receive once a week from Pastor David Brown of Center Grove Baptist Church in Rock Spring, GA.

The expectations we set for them are as simple as being early, shaking the hand of anybody they see come to the school they’ve never met, not saying “can’t,” and much more.

The character coaching they receive from Pastor David Brown covers various areas, but the focus is on helping our students figure out who they are, and what they stand for. Each student does this by developing their own set of core values and a personal mission statement that states what they’re striving to accomplish in their life. Pastor David also spends time discussing issues like priorities, service, relationships, and vision.

This is all done with the end goal of leaving our students better than we found them.